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Hi everybody ! Here are Percy and Nico ! So in this blog you can ask us whatever you want, we will respond as soon as possible !

The ask box is closed when we reach 50 questions, to have the time to answer to everyone. After answering all the 50 questions, we reopen the ask box !

Noooo… Not at all… (Seriously, what is your difinition of “friend” ??? XD It would be a little bit strange to make out like that without dating… no ? Well, we think so…)

So yeah, it’s the last time we answer to this question : We are dating ! xD for 4 years, And we’re engaged ! 

Thank you so much !!! We love you ! :D ♥

(Last pic from our lovely Popcorn lookingforafangirl !) 

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We finally did it ! We were able to empty the whole ask box !! Now, it is re-open ! ;D We will close it when it will reach the 50/60 asks ! ;D Thank you so much to all of you !!! ♥

You’re our wonderful lovely Popcorns and Koralistics ! ♥

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YEAH ! You have to tell me about that ! I heard about this way too much ! I want to know now ! - Percy

…You’re going to faint… And for me… I think… That’s… Kinda weird that people write about us like… like that. It’s really disturbing… - Nico

Writing… About us ? About what ? - Percy

… You don’t want to know Percy…. - Nico

Nico Di Angelo…. hum… Well… yeah… Son of Hades you… No seriously I don’t know… HO ! Yes I know ! “You raise the dead up and they do your bidding. Boy, You’re a thousand years old; You’re a riddle. Bad little boy. No you’re not bad, but you’re little !” /Proud/ - Percy

… Are you kidding me ? That’s from a TV Show... - Nico

… Shit… You know this one… But that’s not that easy you know ??! And you’re kinda like Marshall Lee… Your turn ! - Percy

Son of the sea, accused of stealing lightning,
Has saved Olympus, wielding a pen for fighting
You have only one flaw, but for others it is a pain :
You could really afford yourself a better brain.
- Nico

- Percy

… What ? - Nico

Why  are you so cool…? Wait… Did you say something about my brain…? - Percy

Taaaaaaaaaamdadadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam !!! ;D

Here it is !!! ♥

Hope you’ll enjoy !

This one is especially based on Nico ! ;) Thanks to all of our lovely Popcorns and Koralistics !!! WE LOVE YOU !! ♥♥♥


Okay, this is really weird, i have never done something like this before.

I have already told you that your videos and your blogs are amazing and that you’re wonderful..  maybe even too many times and I’m being annoying so i decided to do a fan video of your videos (that are fan videos as well so, yeah, weird) just to finally show you how much i love you. It took me 9 hours to do just a silly video, i’ve  actually been awake all night, but it was’t something new since i have tumblr, you know lol

Sorry if I’m a bit awkward, problably i’m not the first doing a video for you because.. well becuse you’re great. 

I ship Percico, of course, and i ship Kora because you girls are too cute and perfect, sorry for all the compliments but i only say those things to people who deserve it. Ok, VI AMO TANTO, love from Italy.

- Luna

(sorry for my mistakes, as i said is 8AM and i haven’t sleept)

P.S.Thaks for answered me on youtube, i wish could come in french just to give you two a bear hug <3<3<3

koeandcosplay toracosplay <3

OK, I HAVE A PROBLEM HERE, I DON’T KNOW IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR THE SONG OR EVEN WATCH THE VIDEO, BECAUSE OF COPYRIGHT BLOCK, AND SINCE I’M DUMB I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. So i will just wait for you to see it, if you will see it, and if you can’t here the song maybe i can ind another way to send you the video.. oh my god i’m such an idiot.. *palmface*

Oh woooow !! This is so perfect and amazing !! <3 Thank you so much !! :D We’re so happy you like our work and your video is really amazing, it makes us so happy and… and… Well Koe is gonna cry now ! Thank you thank you thank you thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts, and don’t forget that YOU are amazing, you, and all the other fans, because without you, all of this, all of our work would mean nothing ! <3

You’re all so sweet and Luna, you did a great job and to know you did it, took all this time to do it, for us, that’s crazy, and it touched us so much ! <3 We really love this video and it goes right on our fav’ ! <3

Thank you so much lovely Luna~ ! <3

Hugz and Kisses from Tora and Koe ! 



Because Leo is awesome


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Aaaw thanks !!! :D Look at those beautiful gifs ! 

Okay… That’s not really an underwater kiss, but Nico was just too affraid to stay submerged, even with my bubble stuff… But I forced him in the pool ! VICTORY ! - Percy

You can see the whole video here : … Enjoy. - Nico

It happens sometimes, quite often ! Now it’s better because I was able to make research and to learn about all I’ve lost… - Percy

When it happens, he’s SO cute ! He just stare at me and blink like “What did you just say ?”, he’s so upset about it but I find it really cute. - Percy

The strangest thing is to see how much time has passed, but I feel like I have missed only a few months. - Nico

Something that could turn me on Huh ? 
If only Percy was intelligent enough and less naive he could understand that in a couple there is… You know… a… More-than-a-kiss dimension, and then he would do something that could turn me on. BUT. As I said… “IF”. Shorter : Percy does nothing, so anything would be fine. - Nico

…. That’s so rude… You’re over 80 man, that’s easier for you ! - Nico

We like to run this blog. It’s reaaaally quiet and cool compared to our daily demigod life. Aaand there is this time I was able to take Nico to the sea, it was so cool ! But he don’t really like it ! - Percy

I like being with him. I don’t care about what we’re doing. BUT I don’t like to swim. - Nico

No you don’t know how to swim. - Percy

Yes I know how to… This is not the point ! I don’t have favorite gods in particular. I know I used to like some of them in mythomagic but now that I know how they are… I’m kinda disapointed. - Nico

Well… I really like Hestia ! I mean, it’s not because Poseidon is my father that he’s my favorite god… Hestia is really sweet and I guess she’s the only one who deserves the title of “Goddess”. She’s kind, not so selfish and… Oh crap I’m getting in trouble with the other god am I ? - Percy

Yes you are. - Nico

I was eating cereals and I guess this was a sort of reflex, I was prepared to use it as a weapon ! Don’t mess with me, I can be terrible with spoons ! - Percy

You’re ridiculous. Here’s Riptide. - Nico

/Chews/ - Percy

HOOOOLA ! - Percy

I can understand some words in Spanish, because there is some similarities in spanish and in Italian… But I can’t speak spanish. - Nico

Don’t know spanish neither ! HACE CALOR ! TOMATO ! TI AMO ! - Percy

"Ti amo" is italian. - Nico

Oh… Right… It explain a lot… - Percy

… Sensitive topics… - Nico

I’m friend with Annabeth, it’s a little difficult for the moment you know… For her, and for me too, it was a really great story… /Looks at Nico/ But I regret nothing… Don’t look sad poor baby ! /Kiss Nico/ - Percy

Are you kidding me Percy ? “Poor baby ?”
And about Jason… - Nico

YEAH ! Right ! About Jason ! Why everybody ask you about him huh ?! - Percy

Listen, there is really nothing between Jason and me than other friendship ! Okay…? Okaaaay Percy ? - Nico