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Aaaw thanks !!! :D Look at those beautiful gifs ! 

Okay… That’s not really an underwater kiss, but Nico was just too affraid to stay submerged, even with my bubble stuff… But I forced him in the pool ! VICTORY ! - Percy

You can see the whole video here : … Enjoy. - Nico

It happens sometimes, quite often ! Now it’s better because I was able to make research and to learn about all I’ve lost… - Percy

When it happens, he’s SO cute ! He just stare at me and blink like “What did you just say ?”, he’s so upset about it but I find it really cute. - Percy

The strangest thing is to see how much time has passed, but I feel like I have missed only a few months. - Nico

Something that could turn me on Huh ? 
If only Percy was intelligent enough and less naive he could understand that in a couple there is… You know… a… More-than-a-kiss dimension, and then he would do something that could turn me on. BUT. As I said… “IF”. Shorter : Percy does nothing, so anything would be fine. - Nico

…. That’s so rude… You’re over 80 man, that’s easier for you ! - Nico

We like to run this blog. It’s reaaaally quiet and cool compared to our daily demigod life. Aaand there is this time I was able to take Nico to the sea, it was so cool ! But he don’t really like it ! - Percy

I like being with him. I don’t care about what we’re doing. BUT I don’t like to swim. - Nico

No you don’t know how to swim. - Percy

Yes I know how to… This is not the point ! I don’t have favorite gods in particular. I know I used to like some of them in mythomagic but now that I know how they are… I’m kinda disapointed. - Nico

Well… I really like Hestia ! I mean, it’s not because Poseidon is my father that he’s my favorite god… Hestia is really sweet and I guess she’s the only one who deserves the title of “Goddess”. She’s kind, not so selfish and… Oh crap I’m getting in trouble with the other god am I ? - Percy

Yes you are. - Nico

I was eating cereals and I guess this was a sort of reflex, I was prepared to use it as a weapon ! Don’t mess with me, I can be terrible with spoons ! - Percy

You’re ridiculous. Here’s Riptide. - Nico

/Chews/ - Percy

HOOOOLA ! - Percy

I can understand some words in Spanish, because there is some similarities in spanish and in Italian… But I can’t speak spanish. - Nico

Don’t know spanish neither ! HACE CALOR ! TOMATO ! TI AMO ! - Percy

"Ti amo" is italian. - Nico

Oh… Right… It explain a lot… - Percy

… Sensitive topics… - Nico

I’m friend with Annabeth, it’s a little difficult for the moment you know… For her, and for me too, it was a really great story… /Looks at Nico/ But I regret nothing… Don’t look sad poor baby ! /Kiss Nico/ - Percy

Are you kidding me Percy ? “Poor baby ?”
And about Jason… - Nico

YEAH ! Right ! About Jason ! Why everybody ask you about him huh ?! - Percy

Listen, there is really nothing between Jason and me than other friendship ! Okay…? Okaaaay Percy ? - Nico

Thank you so much ! - Percy and Nico

And NO ! He wont give a kiss to Leo okay ? Instead he’s going to give me a kiss. Only to me. Right ? - Percy

Are you serious, that’s a peck not a kiss. THIS is a kiss. - Nico

Hmmm… /Thinking/ - Nico

Well… With our lifestyle… I guess being alive is a miracle in itself so… Living is the craziest thing i’ve ever done ! - Percy

That’s so Poetic ! - Nico

Yeah right… We’re in the same position ! - Percy

/Smile/ Anyway, yeah, I ghess living and being demigod is kinda crazy…  - Nico

Well, all of you are asking me about songs or urge me to listen to one, but you know, we know music, don’t worry about that, and I know Evanescence and My Chemical Romance but I don’t listen to them that often. Black Parade is kinda cool, but not my favorite. - Nico

Evanescence is not my kind of music, but that’s beautiful ! And thank you so much Mandi2341 !  - Percy

Aaaaand here it is guys !!! ;D ♥

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Tora as Percy Jackson
Koe as Nico Di Angelo
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/kisses the neck/ Thank you. But… no I won’t kiss Leo… The guys runs away when he sees me coming, and I don’t just give kisses to someone… - Nico

… /dreamy smile/ …. /shakes head/ No. Don’t kiss Leo. Kiss me instead ! - Percy

… /kiss <3/ - Nico

… /neck kiss/ ….. /makes him smile/ …. /smiles/ It doesn’t work when someone tells him his smile is adorable. He forces himself not to smile ! - Percy

Yes…. I miss him. I miss him a lot. - Nico

…. aaaw <3 /pulls cheek/ I miss you too… <3 - Percy

… /rolls eyes and slaps/ - Nico