Ask Percy and Nico ♥
Hi everybody ! Here are Percy and Nico ! So in this blog you can ask us whatever you want, we will respond as soon as possible !

The ask box is closed when we reach 50 questions, to have the time to answer to everyone. After answering all the 50 questions, we reopen the ask box !

Heeey lovely Popcorns !!

Soooo you know about that second livestream we kept promising ? Well it’s happening this Wednesday the 20th of August between 7.00 and 9.00 pm in France ! Don’t forget to check your timezones to know what time it’ll be on.

Like last time we will put the link on tumblr around a quarter of an hour before we start. Last time we had some trouble, you have to go on the Google hangout link if you want to ask questions, otherwise we won’t see them

So the new thing from last time is that it will be separated in 2 parts. We’ll spend one hour answering your questions as Tora and Koe, and one other hour cosplayed as Percy and Nico ! We’ll let you know how we organize that !

We love you very much, we hope to see many of our dear followers around ! And prepare your questions for Percy and Nico as well as for us, Tora and Koe ;D

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